What happens in the 8th week of pregnancy?

By the 8th week of pregnancy your baby is a not even an inch in length, it is just about the size of a cherry.

The eye lids of your baby are beginning to form, but till their growth is complete; the eyes look as if they are open. The tip of the nose is now formed and the ears are forming internally as well as externally.

Your baby's heart has nearly 140-150 fluttering beats per minute- about twice as many as yours!

The arms are growing, and wrists and elbows are apparent. Your baby's hands and feet are shaped like paddles, whereas the fingers and toes are just beginning to form. Muscle contractions have started, but early movements arenít so obvious and noticeable yet.

Changes in You:

By the end of the 8th week, your waistline is tends to expand a bit, but the changes take place gradually. Your uterus is nearly the size of a grapefruit this week.

Heartburn, indigestion, or feelings of being bloated are common during this period. Make sure you wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes. Eat small, frequent meals but don't overfill your stomach. If your heartburn becomes troublesome enough to keep you from eating properly, talk to your doctor; he/she may prescribe an antacid. Never take any over-the-counter medications without consulting your doctor.

You ought to have your first prenatal visit with your doctor soon. This is usually the longest appointment. Your doctor will begin with a review of your medical history, and then check your height, weight, blood pressure and possibly do a physical examination. During this first visit, you can expect to have numerous lab tests, including: blood tests, urine sample and a cervical sample (cervical sample is a sample of cells collected during pelvic exam).

Common pregnancy symptoms like a missed period, nausea, extreme fatigue, or tight clothes as a result of swelling of your uterus have probably made you to wonder whether you're actually pregnant. Once you have confirmed your pregnancy from a home pregnancy test or blood or urine test at the doctor's office, you should call and schedule the first prenatal visit.

A thorough prenatal care is very important for the health and safe delivery of your baby, so be sure to make prenatal appointments the top most priority.

Your Baby's Development

By pregnancy week 8 your baby measures anywhere from 14 to 20mm long, or about the size of a Lima bean! Few women also refer to their baby as their little 'bean' while they follow their pregnancy week by week. One day this little bean will grow into a full size baby!

During pregnancy 8 weeks, a lot of growing happens in your baby. Until this point in time your baby had a small tail... this small tail starts to disappear this week, and your little one will very soon have eyelids to cover his or her budding eyes.

The arms and legs are also lengthening; the fingers and toes are still webbed. Your baby's brain is also maturing during pregnancy week 8, as the nerve cells start connecting with one another, forming the basis for communication later in life.

Marveling over your baby's tiny fingers and toes is one of the greatest joys of the first day of life. Those fingers and toes are just beginning to form this week, the arms can also flex at the elbows and wrists. The eyes are becoming more noticeable as theyíve begun to develop pigment (color) in the retina (at the back of the eye).

The intestines are also getting longer and there isnít enough space for them in the babyís abdomen, so they start protruding into the umbilical cord until 12th week.

By this time, the beginnings of the buds that will eventually develop into your baby's genitals have made their appearance, though they've not yet developed enough to tell whether your baby is a girl or a boy.

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